Servers -- Killing Floor

Playground Bullies

***This Server is Greylisted!***
Meaning Perk Progression and Achievements Do NOT Work.

Server IP:Port


This server is provided as a place to play and have fun!

The best way to describe this server is a Free-4-All, Kill Everything you can and try to survive!

Please try to support each other whenever you can with heals, welding armor and money. There's most always plenty of money to go around here so don't be afraid to share!

When you die, don't forget to heal Players and zap the Zeds as the UFOs. Focus on killing Husks and Sirens first as these are the worst.


Please be Kind, Nice, Respectful, Considerate & Supportive of each other!

  • This includes and is not limited to:
  • Don't Steal/Sell Other Player's Weapons Unless You Ask First.
  • Don't Kick Others for Friends-Only Games.
  • No Trolling, Hacking, Long Argumentative Debates, Nasty Conversations/Remarks, Etc, Etc.


Changed Plugins/Mutators

  • Specimen HP Config v1.1 - Scales the HP of the Killing Floor specimens. (Currently Set to 12 Player Health.)
  • Visible Spectators X - Make all spectators and dead players visible. (Enabled Healing and Zed Gun Zaps! - Must join as a player or spawn as a player first before it will work in spectate. Healing Gives 10 HP per Zap to Players and Deals 100 Damage to Zeds per Zap!)

Added Plugins/Mutators

  • Armor Welding - Adds the ability to weld Armor onto other players.
  • Armor Regen - All players regenerate armor. (Currently set to 2.5 points per second.)
  • CleanAppIDMut - Unlocks all DLC guns in trader. Now you can buy these guns.
  • Customizable Weight - Allows you to customize the maximum allowed weight. (Currently set to 35 weight.)
  • Drop All Weapon - When player dies, all his inventory is dropped on the floor.
  • Explosives Fix - Fixes a severe explosive weapons related bug.
  • Forced Perk Level V2 - Modify perk levels to fit with the game. (Set to Level 6 Perks.)
  • Healing Pain - Makes Siren screams also heal surrounding Zeds. (More noticable when groups of Sirens are screaming at once when trying to kill Zeds around them.)
  • Health Regenerator - All players regenerate one custom amount of health. (Currently set to 2.5 points per second.)
  • Martyr - When player dies, all his grenades drop on the floor and detonate.
  • Multiple Pat HP Bar - It shows the remaining health of any spawned Patriarchs.
  • Show Zed Damage - Shows Zed Damage on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Slot Machines - Give players random rewards for kills. (Set to 1 Slot Card per Kill. Match 3 to win. These can spawn additional winning Zeds around the players at random distances.)
  • Stem cell Zombie - Any specific specimen (configurable) that isn't decapitated befor dying will drop for 5 seconds and then grow into another specimen. (Currently set to Crawlers.)
  • Weapon stay - Force weapons stay over waves.
  • Zed Density Control Mutator - A must have for increasing challenge and optimal zed count. You can change the max Zeds allowed at a time between a range of 25-200, and also can change the spawn delay between new spawns and previous anywhere from 0.0-5.0 seconds. Includes Advanced features for tweaking the attributes of spawns themselves in the map, such as the Minimum Distance To Player And Can Respawn Time. (Currently set to 50 allowed Zeds at any one time. Zeds can spawn on top of players so players cannot block Zed spawns.)