Servers -- Killing Floor


***This Server is Whitelisted!***
Meaning Perk Progression and Achievements Work.

Server IP:Port


This server is provided as a place to play and have fun as well as work on some map achievements from time to time.

This server also runs the HardCore Mod, which makes the game much harder and provides more to kill per wave. This mod is set to spawn the maximum possible and do the most damage. It spawns more Scrakes, Husks and Sirens as well as more zeds to kill per player. There is also a much harder Pat wave (this is NOT the Hard Pat mutator), which will spawn harder zeds during his heals.

This is a great place to level up your perks as well! Most players here will protect, heal and allow you to get the kills you need.


Please be Kind, Nice, Respectful, Considerate & Supportive of each other!

  • This includes and is not limited to:
  • Don't Steal/Sell Other Player's Weapons Unless You Ask First.
  • Don't Kick Others for Friends-Only Games.
  • No Trolling, Hacking, Long Argumentative Debates, Nasty Conversations/Remarks, Etc, Etc.